Never worry about your site.

We’ll monitor and manage your site
so that’s it’s always up, secure, and safe.

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Website Management just got easier!

Get experts to monitor and manage your website.
We keep your site running bug-free, in a safe & secure way.

Software and security maintenance

A lot of work goes into proper website maintenance. A fast and secured website is something we desire, and HostingPill makes it easy. We offer regular software updates and code reviews so that all the maintenance work is at par. With us, your site would no longer be vulnerable to attackers and hackers.

24/7 Expert Monitoring

Always be first to know if your site has a problem. We offer round the clock monitoring – if there are issues, we will notify you immediately.


Monthly Website Report

Get a monthly report on your site performance sent straight to your inbox. Keep yourself updated on any work we do, status of your server, traffic reports, etc.

Proactive Site Repair

If your site gets hacked, we will inform you we will fix the site right away. We will ensure that your site is always up and running, even when you are sleeping. We just make it easy to protect your business and presence online.


Proactive Site Repair


From web software maintenance to website monitoring,
we offer 24/7 support, so there is nothing to worry.


  1. Round the clock professional monitoring
  2. Software Update management
  3. Site Protection
  4. Monthly Security Review
  5. Site Performance Report


With PillCare PRO, we proactivity would monitor and maintain your site and fix everything up in case of any issues.


  1. Round the clock professional monitoring
  2. Software Update management
  3. Site Protection
  4. Monthly Security Review
  5. Site Performance Report
  6. Proactive repair for hacked sites
  7. Offsite Cloud Backup.

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Learn about website management

Proper maintenance is the key to a successful website. With adequately maintained software and servers, sites will be less vulnerable to hackers and other issues. Learn about the right methods and technologies to perform the tasks and get the desired results every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We screen your website software and server round the clock, so if it gets hacked, we would instantly notice the same and notify it to you. If you are in our PRO plan, we would inform you about the situation and take the right actions to secure your site. We might remove the bad code, restore the prior version of the website, or reach out to the coordinator to find effective solutions in complex e-commerce websites.

With our efficient round-the-clock monitoring, we will instantly know about the situation and inform you of the same. If you have our PRO package, we will investigate the issue alongside and try to find the main reason behind it. We can fix hacks and server-side errors, but if your developer has broken the code, we will not fix that. We would coordinate with your team to find an efficient solution to solve the problem.

Website software updates can often affect the web site’s functionality if third-party integration is not cross-compatible. After every software update, we ensure to check the website for errors and fix it to return to the original version. We can also update changes if you tell us so.

We assist all websites irrespective of their size. For sites that require extra maintenance efforts, we would provide you with free prior quotes. We have both the plans available at your disposal; you can choose either of them depending on your needs.